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Resume Q&A: Can you write my resume today?

Q: Can you write my resume today?

A: Yes. If I had all of the information I need, and I didn’t have another project scheduled, I could write your resume today.

However, a more important question is do you want something as important as your resume rushed?


No rush jobs

My policy is to decline rush projects because it is more important to provide the client my best thought and writing than it is to provide it quickly.

If a client has a short deadline because of an open position they wish to apply for, we will talk about alternative application strategies and their chances of landing this particular job.

For example, chances of landing are slim for a client applying for a position in which they have no experience at a company with which they are unfamiliar in a city in which they don’t live. The chances increase significantly when the client is more experienced, familiar, and close in.


How long does resume writing take?

Resume writers are often asked how long it takes to write a resume. There isn’t one answer to that question. It depends on a host of circumstances:

  • How long it takes the client to submit a payment. Most certified resume writers including me require payment in advance.
  • How long it takes to complete any career exploration coaching required, often several weeks.
  • How long it takes the client to compile the information needed. Some clients are surprised that they must collect information from current and prior positions. The details are some of the most important changes a professional resume writer will make to a career document. The only source for these details is the client.
  • How long it takes the writer to analyze the information provided to understand the gaps and create questions that will elicit the best answers from the client.
  • How long it takes the client to schedule the document development conversation. Many writers including me now use online schedulers that allow clients to schedule appointments.
  • The time it takes to complete the writing after the document development conversation, including how many documents are in the project. In addition to the resume, there may be a LinkedIn profile, letters, and/or an executive biography.
  • The time it takes the client to review the document(s) and schedule the finalization conversation with the writer or respond by email, depending on the process the writer follows. If the client wishes to change significant portions of the resume, the time expands.
  • Finally, the client may need coaching on job search strategies so they understand how to use their new documents most effectively.

In summary, the time it takes to write a resume is a relatively small part of the overall process the professional resume writer takes to create a new set of career documents that will make a significant difference in the client’s job search outcome.



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