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How much does a resume cost?


Even if your first question for a resume writer is, "How much?" you should have to answer a lot of questions before you receive a quote.

Even if your first question for a resume writer is, “How much?” you should have to answer a lot of questions before you receive a quote.

I don’t advise starting your search for a resume writer with this question, but it is the one most often asked.

Unfortunately, a resume writer who has a quick and easy answer to this question may not be the best resume writer to hire.

  • If your only criteria is cost, will you be just as satisfied with a poorly written resume as a well-written resume?
  • If you received a dollar amount in response to your question, do you know what the investment represents?

Even if you start the resume conversation with “How much does it cost?” your prospective resume writer should offer other considerations before giving you a quote. These include:


A conversation long enough for you to decide if you trust, like talking with, and would work productively with this resume writer.

  • You will be having extended conversations with your resume writer as well as numerous email exchanges in the coming weeks. You want them to be pleasant and productive experiences.
  • Even if a friend or family member referred you, there’s no guarantee of a good fit. (Remember, your sister loves your brother-in-law.)
  • If your first conversation is uncomfortable, do you expect that will change? How and why?


Questions about your goals to ensure the resume fits your needs.

  • Resume writing is the second step in the job search process. Deciding what type of job you’re going to seek is the first step. Did the resume writer ask what type of position you are targeting? If you weren’t sure, did the resume writer offer coaching to help you determine your goal? If not, how are you going to decide?
  • A resume does not exist in a vacuum. A resume for a database administrator is very different from a resume for a vice president of marketing. You should pay different amounts for them, expect them to do different things for you, and ultimately land interviews for different positions with them. Did the resume writer learn about your background and plans before quoting you a price?


A discussion about the process and timeline of the project.

  • Your investment in the project is measured in time as well as dollars. You will be asked to provide all of the information that goes into your new resume. Do you have a sense for how long it will take and what will be expected of you?


A description of coaching services or available referrals in case you find a part of the job search difficult.

  • Once your resume is completed, you may find that you have difficulties with other parts of the job search, including job search techniques, employment interviews, and/or salary negotiations. Will your resume writer teach you these skills or refer you to someone who will coach you?


Even if your first question to a resume writer is “How much?” their answer should include a long list of questions before they give you a number. If this isn’t happening with the writers you’ve talked with so far, contact me today for your long list of questions.


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