Significant force in helping me move on

“I’ve accepted a job, and I just wanted to thank you deeply for having been a significant force in helping me move on to my next career chapter. The combination of advice and perspective along with encouragement helped me stay confidently focused.”
JAG, Human Capital Development, Massachussetts

Resume and coaching helped me grow so much

“I can’t thank you enough. The process of creating my resume and coaching with you helped me grow so much! As they say, you’ve come a long way baby! The process allowed me to have a better understanding of where I fit in the job market and to realize that in order to switch jobs and make the same amount of money would require me to work 7 days a week. So I decided to keep my position, and with the changes in my thinking over this past year, it has allowed me to be happier and grateful. I feel stronger and more confident in my relationship with my employer and even with members of my family.”
Nancy M., Personal Assistant, Connecticut

Should have paid you double

“I have been shamefully remiss in expressing my heartfelt gratitude for your exhaustive Global Career Coaching. I should have paid you double. Your coaching is easily one the smartest investments I have made in polishing my personal brand, perfecting my documents and your exhaustive labored critique of my LinkedIn Profile was masterful. You are a brilliant Career Coach! You blew that whistle several times, and I knew it was my responsibility to follow the game plan and score!”
H W, Director, Global Diversity, Inclusion and Strategic Engagement

Jeri takes time to hear me

“Working with Jeri has helped me understand my own skills and what I am capable of in new and exciting ways. She is a consummate professional. Her top quality work has added immense value to refining my resume. She always takes the time to hear me and then coach me on what is best!”
Mark L., Spa Director Lake Placid, NY

Beyond excited, I got the job

“I wanted to share the good news: I got the job – the first one I applied for! I am beyond excited and cannot thank you enough. Throughout the interview process, my resume was a topic of conversation and point of differentiation! Thank you for your guidance throughout this process. You taught me incredible skills. I am so excited to start this next journey and know that working with you was critical to a successful search.”
Meredith M., Communications Executive St. Paul, MN

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome

“Working with Jeri in my job search was extremely helpful. She was very thorough in making sure she got to know me, my experience, and my goals for the future before editing my documents. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my resume, LinkedIn profile, and templates for cover letters and inquiries. Jeri was also very helpful in providing guidance in the job search process. I felt comfortable discussing aspects of the process that initially made me feel uneasy. I truly felt as though Jeri wanted to help me and see me succeed. And I did! I landed the first job for which I applied!”
Libby P., LMSW, Massachusetts

Jeri makes it easy to craft a powerful resume

“Jeri makes it so easy to craft a really powerful resume that you’ll be proud to send to any job prospect. Plus, she hit a home run helping me recharge my Linkedin profile!”
Steven M., Supply Chain Executive, Eden Prairie, MN

More than just a great looking resume

“The resume writing experience with Jeri ended up being more than just getting a great looking resume. Jeri’s approach helped me identify what I like to do and want to do versus just what I am capable of doing. Her coaching had me focus on being selective to apply for jobs that meet my goals, instead of just rushing out of my current job.

“Now, I not only have a great set of documents, but my LinkedIn profile looks great, I get inquiries from companies on open positions, and there are people looking at my profile.

“The process has been a great learning experience, and it has led me to accept a job that will help me meet my goals. The added perk is I can now share what I have learned with my daughter who is graduating from college this year, so she can start off her career path on the right foot!”
Karen N., Business Analyst, Minnesota

Help through a difficult job search

“Today, I accepted a position, and I am really excited. I count you as one of the individuals who helped me through a difficult job search. The input you provided on job loss was invaluable. Your Job Search Strategies coaching kept me focused on my goal of a permanent position. I am very grateful for your guidance.”
Sarah E., Controller, Fargo, ND

Career Exploration lived up to its name

“I recently completed the Career Exploration Program with Jeri and I am very pleased with the results. Working with Jeri was a pleasure. I found the Career Exploration Program to be well organized and beneficial. Jeri’s approach was thoughtful, encouraging and flexible. Jeri listened carefully and was quick to understand what I was looking to accomplish. Jeri asked thought-provoking questions and offered practical ideas. The program lived up to its name: It really was an exploration. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.”
Robert P., Financial Services, Boston

Now I can tailor my documents to each job application

“My experience with you was great! Not only did I get a portfolio of professionally written documents, I learned to tailor resumes and cover letters to each job I applied for. I also gained the confidence I needed to compete in the crowded wholesale marketplace that was my goal.”
Jesse F., Wholesale Imports, Micro Beer Sales Representative

Quick response from resume

“From the time I submitted the resume you wrote to the time I got a call scheduling my interview: 3 hours.”
Justin L, Massage Therapy Instructor, Illinois

Hired over three internal candidates

“I was hired over three internal candidates by using the resume you wrote for me. Most everybody who saw my resume commented that it made it easy for them to see how qualified I was. I felt proud and confident to take charge of my job search. I can’t thank you enough.”
Paul E., Shift Supervisor, US Sugar, Clewiston, Florida

Everything was amazing and professional

It is my pleasure to write a letter of reference for Jeri Hird Dutcher. Jeri is a very talented lady. She wrote, my cover letter, resume, and linkedin profile, everything was very amazing, and professional! Jeri is well thought of in our community as a professional resume writer. I sought her out to write mine when I was finished with my degree in medical coding.
I was very impressed with her ability to keep detailed items and facts all on one page. Writing my resume did not take long. Jeri is a punctual, organized, and has the ability to come up with some amazing adjectives to describe one’s life profession.
I am very pleased with the results of my professional resume. I highly recommend Jeri Hird Dutcher to anyone that is looking to have a resume professionally written.
Recent Medical Coding Graduate, Grand Forks, ND

Strong praise from ($100K+ job search site)

I submitted the Workwrite resume you wrote for me to for a review. They wrote back, “I have some good news: This is a strong resume, so you should be happy with it! I don’t think you would benefit from having our staff (TheLadders) professionally rewrite your document…”
Continuous Improvement Consultant, Strongsville, OH

Resume gave me confidence

Your rewrite of my resume has given me confidence that I’m better prepared, and it’s resulted in 8 recruiters looking at it on The Ladders.
Sales / Operations Director, Houston, TX

I had a great experience

Thank you so much for my new resume. I have had a great experience working with you and now feel more confident to start the next chapter in my career and education.
Sports Business, New York City

I am confident for interviews

Due to the economy, I was laid off from my full-time job for an extended amount of time. My self-esteem and confidence suffered, but with Jeri’s preparation, I was very confident in the proper things to say and do in interviews. I feel like the things I learned from Jeri really did help me get the job offer!
Graphic Artist, Fergus Falls, MN

Made me focus on things at work

The resume-writing process really made me think about the number of things I handle and the amount of revenue I am responsible for. It also made me realize the things I need to focus on at work in order to improve my chances of getting a (new) position.
Sr. Production Manager, Polo Ralph Lauren, New York, NY

Got an offer

I have accepted a position … as a VP at Foundation for Educational Success. Sent that resume twice, got two interviews and one offer. Pretty good investment, huh? Thank you.
Foundation Director, Jamestown, ND

Got me the interview

“Thank you for all your help! It was your resume that got me the interview!”
Electronics Technician, East Grand Forks, MN

Made it stress free

“The resume makes it stress free to submit to those I don’t have a relationship with because it explains what I did and what was accomplished while providing a painted canvas of my experience. It leaves less for me to explain and allows for a better discussion of the nuances of practice. It also allows me to add other examples by discussion, so it acts as a great starting point [at the interview].”
Attorney, New York, NY

I’m empowered and focused

“Jeri empowered me and made me focus at a time when I felt stuck and unappreciated.”
Sales Representative, Woodbury, MN

Got an offer

“I got the job, and I’m very excited. I want to thank you for all your help. I have to think it was the resume and cover letter you put together because the interview didn’t last very long! If you ever need a reference, let me know. Thank you so much for your help.”
High School Principal, Mesabi, MN

I have my dream job

“You wrote my resume as if you had known me for a lifetime. I received several interviews after submitting this resume, and now I have my dream job! Thanks, Jeri!”
XM Talk Show Host, Chicago, IL

Resume is more appealing

“It was a great pleasure working with you. I have a difficult background; however, you did an outstanding job with fantastic style and creativity. Your idea to incorporate some testimonials and the way you reduced a lot of information to its essence made the resume even more appealing. I thank you very much.”
International Business Consultant, Ellicot, MD/Munich, Germany

Couldn’t have done it without you

“Thank you for everything you did for me in helping get this job. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
Sheriff’s Deputy, Grand Forks (ND) County

Received wonderful feedback

“Thank you for the great job you did in producing an extremely professional, high quality, and result-producing resume and cover letter. I have received wonderful feedback from such organizations as Job Service North Dakota, where they stated it was one of the best resumes they had ever seen. I enjoyed the entire process of working with you, Jeri, and feel your resume service is top-notch. The job-search assistance was also extremely valuable. You were easy to work with, listened to and covered all of my concerns, and always had my best interest at the forefront.”
Retail Manager, Grand Forks, ND

If you’d like to join this list of satisfied customers, contact me for a free resume builder and initial consultation.

(Quoted with permission)