certified professional resume writerA Certified Professional Resume Writer is a career industry’s leading expert in the development of strategic resumes. The purpose of the resume is to secure a personal interview from among the dozens or hundreds of applicants for a given position. Since 1991, CPRWs have demonstrated their knowledge, talent and writing expertise in meeting the industry standard of excellence and in serving the client’s career interests.

certified employment interview professionalCertified Employment Interview Professionals represent Professional Association of Resume Writers members who have undertaken specialized training to prepare their clients for the critical employment interview. From possibly hundreds of resumes, an employer will select perhaps 10 or so of the best candidates for personal interviews. Candidates who have practiced their interview skills and are best prepared for this decisive meeting will be more confident, relaxed, and able to make a positive presentation that leads to the job offer.

Certified Professional Career CoachThe Certified Professional Career Coach credential is awarded to Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches members who have completed the association’s extensive training program to identify a client’s life goals, ambitions and career options…and then design an appropriate career and job search activity plan to to achieve that goal. Career Coaching is a valuable resource not only to those actively seeking employment, but also those wanting to advance within their existing company; college graduates embarking on the first rung of their career ladder; and those involved in job transition to an entirely new field or who want to start their own business. In short, CPCC empowers clients to define their career dreams and aspirations in pursuit of a better, happier life.


Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career CoachesThe Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches was founded in January of 1990 for career professionals to exchange information, enhance their skills, or demonstrate their commitment to providing professional services to the general public. Today, those who display the association’s logo affirm their dedication to excellence in meeting client career goals.

Career Directors InternationalCareer Directors International is an association of committed individuals who, every day, help career professionals to change their lives in very significant ways. CDI members span all career disciplines and represent a global community of those individuals who aspire to be leaders in the careers industry and to make a difference to the job seekers they serve.

Career Directors International ExpertCDI Experts have made themselves available to fellow Career Directors International members to answer questions and provide advice on resume writing, industry and business topics.