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Career reports sing after job app

What do you you usually hear after you apply to a company?
The silence after the job application

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That’s right — nothing.

Occasionally, you hear that they received your application. After that, you hear back only if you are summoned for an interview.

StartWire.com improves a candidate’s chances of surviving the “application black hole” by offering an online application tracking program along with networks of companies that have agreed to notify candidates of their application status.

Now, Automated Candidate Experience (ACE) from PeopleClues allows employers to add value for candidates and identify the job fit of their best candidates at the same time.

Once you have applied to the participating employer, you take an assessment and receive a free career report containing valuable personalized feedback, including specific resume and career tips based on the company’s own assessment that will help the candidate to leverage their strengths. Often, candidates do not know how to articulate their strengths, and this program gives them the exact language.

The best part for the candidates (and the employers) is that it is totally free.
The employer receives  important feedback on job fit for their candidates. When they provide valuable and personalized career information to a prospective employee, the employer is likely to retain candidate involvement they may not have before.


Source: Herman Trend Alert by Joyce Gioia, Strategic Business Futurist

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