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Update Your Resume Month: Top 4 reasons to update your resume now

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Is our resume up to date? How long would it take you to get it into shape if an opportunity presented itself ?

September is a traditional back-to-school and back-to-work time when we wrap up summer activities and hunker down for another more serious time of year.

That is why sponsor Career Directors International chose September as International Update your Resume Month, published in Chases’ Calendar of Events.

Why update your resume now? So you  will be prepared, no matter what happens:

  • Opportunities: Your manager walks into your office and plunks a job description on your desk. “Take a look at this and let me know if you want it,” she says. It’s the position you’ve had your eye on for three years. You WANT this job. “All you need to do is get me your resume by 5 pm today,” she says, breezing out the door. Could you do it? What if you were on deadline for an important project? Could you still do it?
  • Disasters: Your manager walks into your office and sits down across from you with a grim look on his face. “I don’t know how to tell you this …” You’ve been downsized. There really is a pink slip. You really do have to clean out your desk. It seems like a nightmare, but it’s happening – to you. Considering the emotions that are racing through you, are you in the best place to write your resume for the job search that will be inevitable? Do you wish you’d done it back in September?
  • To Take your Time: Even if the experience isn’t the job of your dreams nor the career disaster of Titanic proportions, there are times you need an updated resume when you don’t have the time to write one. Your manager emails that she needs your resume in the next day or two to include in a project proposal going out to the company’s big new prospect. It would be nice not to have to drop everything to put together a professional document.
  • Good PR: Your professional association is holding its state conference next week, and one of the speakers has called in sick. The association president is on the phone wanting to know if you’d fill in and could you email her a current resume by the end of the day so they can revise the radio spots, press release, and your introduction. Would you be ready to say yes?

That’s the bottom line. Are you ready to say yes to the rest of your career?

If not, contact me at Jeri@WorkwriteResumes.com today to talk about a resume update. You’ll get in on the last of the 2014 prices before the October increase. (Right now, I have a two-week waiting list, so be sure to email me right away.)


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