DISC Assessment

How and where do you work best?

The well-respected DISC Assessment tool measures your strengths and possible challenges so you can better develop your job or career search strategies .

You will take the DISC Interview Insights as part of your Workwrite resume package. The Interviewing Insights Profile helps you prepare for your employment interviews by displaying your general characteristics, ideal work environment, value to the organization, and even relevant interview questions. It is available in a general version and one specifically designed for the salesperson.

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• Sales Report • Sales Skills Index  
• Career Planning Insight Profile • Time Management Insight Profile 
• Excellence in Learning Profile • Interests Profile • Workplace Motivator

Sales Report

The Sales Report is geared toward the experienced sales professional and provides information on an individual’s style of selling.

Sales Skills Index

The Sales Skills Index objectively analyzes an individual’s understanding of their sales strategies. It essentially answers the question, “Can this person sell?”

The results can be used to compare the sales person with other sales professionals and provide the background for a personalized, high-impact approach to increasing sales. Anyone even thinking about going into sales should use this report.

Career Planning Insight Profile

Choosing your career is one of a handful of decisions that affect your life the most. If you work an average of 40 hours per week for 50 weeks per year for 35 years, you will spend 70,000 hours of your life at work!

The Career Planning Insights Profile will assist you in [finding your career direction] by helping you begin defining a critical element, Your Occupational / Behavioral Style. Research suggests that different behavioral styles excel and are attracted to different occupations.

Time Management Insight Profile

Research on human behavior suggests that people who work most effectively understand themselves so they can meet demands of their environment. Effective use of time starts with an accurate perception of ourselves. The Time P.L.U.S. Report was designed to quantify information on how you see yourself and translates that information into how others may see you to assist in formulating strategies to better manage your time.

Excellence in Learning Profile

As anyone interested in learning can tell you, quality education is no accident. It combines the efforts of teachers, administrators, parents, and of course, students. When all collaborate, goals and objectives are easily reached and the results are rewarding.

When conflict arises, the goal of providing an optimal educational experience for students is compromised. EFL Administrator, Teacher and Student reports provide the tools necessary to bring success to the educational environment.

Interests Profile

Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values: What causes you to act? What drives your behavior? What activities, careers and conversations inspire your passion and engagement?

Using this assessment, you will:
• Know the WHY of your actions.
• Make [career choices] that will increase your job satisfaction.
• Understand the causes of conflict.
• Develop an increased appreciation for the uniqueness of others.
• Appreciate the viewpoint of others who see life differently.
• Increase your valuing of life.
• Increase your satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

Workplace Motivator

The Workplace Motivator is a scientifically validated and designed tool that detects personal values using six critically different categories. For the job seeker, these six motivators provide the essential elements they will need to strengthen their communication with hiring managers and provide the verbiage that distinguishes their unique talents.


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