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Update Your Resume: Give evidence of accomplishments

It's time to update your resume. Remember to give concrete examples of your achievements. Don't make employers guess!

It’s time to update your resume. Remember to give concrete examples of your achievements. Don’t make employers guess!


One of the best updates you can give your resume is incorporating evidence of your accomplishments.

Most people just list their duties and responsibilities, hoping an employer will understand their potential. The trouble is, that doesn’t happen.

“Called on customers, demonstrated products, and closed sales” is a description of a sales process, almost any sales process. The fact that you used this sales process doesn’t differentiate you from a single salesperson who ever lived.

If your resume is full of these “duties and responsibilities,” ask yourself, “Then what happened?” Your answer will be an accomplishment.

UpdateResumeMonthThen you can use the duties and responsibilities to show how you accomplished it.

So, the bullet on your resume could read:

  • Increased territory sales 140% in year 1 by calling on customers, demonstrating products, and closing sales.

Almost anyone can claim to have improved sales, and almost everyone does claim it. To set yourself apart from the rest, rather than just claiming to have “increased territory sales,” you give the actual results that make the information so much more believable and memorable.

If you don’t have any quantifiable results, now is the time to start collecting them. They will help immeasurably the next time you want a promotion or a new job.

If you are having trouble getting the hang of writing accomplishments for your resume, contact me right away to talk about tackling your project together. My clients tell me they like working with me because they feel comfortable and confident, they get things done they’ve been putting off, and they get results.


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