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Get found by using a commonly advertised job title

Job titles are like book titles. They are the first step in finding what you want.

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Job titles are like book titles. They are the first step in finding what you’re looking for.

Knowing the most commonly advertised job titles in the United States is valuable for your job search. And you’re in luck, because  WANTED Technologies Corporation just announced a list of the top 50.

This is useful information in several ways. For example, if you design and maintain Web sites, you will want to call yourself a Web Developer rather than a Web Designer. Web Developer appears on the list of commonly advertised job titles; Web Designer does not.

This matters because you want your LinkedIn profile, resume, or other online marketing material to be found by people who may want to hire you. People looking for potential employees who do what you do most often search on the term Web Developer. If you list your title that way, you are likely to show up in more searches and have a better chance of catching the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter.

When using the title, remember to use it exactly as it appears on this list. For example, the most commonly advertised title is Physical Therapist. People in this profession are often referred to as “PTs.” If you use PT instead of Physical Therapist, you will not show up in the search. Even though we know PT means Physical Therapist, the computer doing the searching does not.

Likewise, it is tempting to use Physical Therapist for your title and then follow with the shorter PT for subsequent references. However, it is to your benefit to use the term Physical Therapist throughout your online profile or resume. The number of times the term shows up increases your ranking for that search term, and you are more likely to appear toward the top of the list with more instances of the term.

Here is the list of the most commonly advertised job titles. Is yours among them?

  1. Physical Therapist
  2. Registered Nurse
  3. Occupational Therapist
  4. Administrative Assistant
  5. Driver
  6. Sales Representative
  7. Teller
  8. Assistant Manager
  9. Manager
  10. Store Manager
  11. Customer Service Representative
  12. Accountant
  13. Java Developer
  14. Business Analyst
  15. Assistant Store Manager
  16. Restaurant Manager
  17. Retail Sales Associate
  18. Software Engineer
  19. Sales
  20. Account Executive
  21. Truck Driver
  22. Project Manager
  23. Receptionist
  24. Account Manager
  25. Senior Accountant
  26. Financial Analyst
  27. Owner Operator
  28. Maintenance Technician
  29. Speech Language Pathologist
  30. Outside Sales Representative
  31. Cook
  32. Executive Assistant
  33. Pharmacist
  34. Security Officer
  35. Cashier
  36. Sales Associate
  37. Delivery Driver
  38. Senior Software Engineer
  39. Program Manager
  40. Network Engineer
  41. Physician Assistant
  42. Systems Engineer
  43. Customer Service
  44. Nurse Practitioner
  45. Physical Therapist Physical Therapy
  46. Web Developer
  47. Operations Manager
  48. Occupational Therapy Assistant
  49. Physical Therapy Assistant
  50. Technician

Wanted Analytics has much more useful employment information. You can also find out what jobs are most in demand in your city or industry with a free trial of WANTED Analytics. If you need help creating your resume or LinkedIn profile, contact me.


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