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A Resume Checklist: Use your resume to update your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile should align with your resume, although the two should not be exactly the same. The work history listed in your profile should definitely match up with your resume — this is an easy check for prospective employers to make. However, your profile should complement — not duplicate — your resume.

The most important pieces of your LinkedIn profile are your profile Headline and your LinkedIn Summary. These two things are the first items a prospective employer will review. While the resume omits subjects in a sort of shorthand language, your LinkedIn Summary should be a first-person narrative that appeals to a prospective employer’s needs by identifying what makes you a good candidate.

You should also use the same accomplishments that are on your resume in your LinkedIn profile, although you can elaborate on them a bit more in the LinkedIn Experience section. If you’ve prepared Challenge-Action-Result (CAR) statements for interviews, you may want to integrate these into your LinkedIn profile in the Experience section.

Finally, make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete. Post your photo, add your industry and location, fill out all of the sections (including your current job and at least two former positions and your education), identify at least 3 Skills, and make at least 50 connections. LinkedIn profiles that are “complete” receive 40 times more opportunities than incomplete profiles.

If you plan to create your own LinkedIn profile, a great guide is Brenda Bernstein’s How to Writer a Killer LinkedIn Profile. If you don’t want to create your own profile or don’t have time to research it, contact me today.


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