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Apply early to land the job

Changes to your job search strategy increase your hiring chances.

Get into the application race early to land the job

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Would you like to improve your odds of being the winning job candidate without a lot more work? Half of new hires applied within the first week of a job posting, says a study released by StartWire, a new job search tool that focuses on closing the job application black hole.

Of those hired, 27% applied within the first two days of the job posting. Nearly 50% of the hires applied within the first week; approximately 75%  applied within three weeks, said the report released June 3.

Change your focus

This new information has implications for your job search:

  • Have your tools ready: If you have even a vague inkling you will be searching for a job within the next 3 months, sharpen your tools now. Update your resume with your most current position and accomplishments. Make sure it targets your career goal tightly. Hiring managers and committees don’t delve the depths of your resume to figure out what you have to offer. You must tell them.
  • Speed up your response time: Change your routine to include at least daily responses to job postings. Use StartWire for your job board searches.
  • Better yet, search for jobs that aren’t yet posted: The job you are likely to be best suited for is the one that has not yet been advertised. In fact, it probably isn’t even open. It’s in what is called the “hidden job market,” except if you know where to look, it’s not so hidden after all.
  • Target companies and people like you: Simply target companies and people who have the same philosophies and goals you do. Network, network, network until you find someone who can introduce you to an employee of the company. Make an appointment for an informal chat about the company, and learn all you can. If it proves to be a place you indeed want to work, get to know the people there and let them get to know you. Make it known that it is your goal to work there.

These aren’t new processes, but they are becoming more necessary every day that the job market heats up. Corporate recruiters, for example, are unlikely to wait until every last resume comes in before sending their choices to the hiring manager. To be in the chosen few, be in the early game.

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