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Will the government shutdown affect your job search?

U.S. Capitol

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Affects of the government shutdown are still being compiled, so this is not an exhaustive list. It appears that if you are researching jobs, you won’t run into a lot of problems. Applying for some jobs, especially federal jobs, could be a problem.

Visit the government’s Web site usa.gov to monitor possible consequences for you and your family.

  • Closed Job Boards: American Jobs
  • Open Job Boards: USAJobs (except for a few hours early Sunday, Oct. 6)
  • Open Informational Sites: CareerOneStop, ONETonline, Military OneSource.
  • Closed Verification System: Businesses in some states are required to use the federal E-Verify system to make sure applicants can legally work in the United States. It’s unavailable.

Unemployment Benefits: Your eligibility remains intact during the federal government shutdown. If the shutdown lasts long enough that the federal government runs out of funds, state governments may bridge the gap. Visit your state employment service Web site for more info.

(Addition) About.com’s Alison Doyle reported Oct. 5, 2013, that unemployed workers in several states have had their unemployment benefits disrupted by the shutdown: Government Shutdown Impact on Unemployment Benefits

International Travel: If your job search includes travel overseas, you may experience delays in passport and visa processing. Try Travel.State.gov for more information.

Mail: It’s going through.

If you find more information on the shutdown that would affect job seekers, please post them in a comment below.


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