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The Long-distance Job Search: How to find a job when you don’t know where you want to be


Here are a couple of approaches to help you think about priorities for your long-distance job search and relocation.

If you know you want to be somewhere else but haven’t decided on your ideal location, you can use a couple of priorities to guide your selection: Location and profession.

Where you want to live

Are you looking for a better location? Decide on your priorities. What is important to you and your family? Number this list according to what is most important to you, next most important, and so on.

  • The size of the city.
  • Weather more to your liking.
  • A better business climate.
  • Lower cost of living.
  • More interesting surroundings.
  • Closer to fun and entertainment.
  • Closer to family.
  • Better education for kids.
  • Medical care.
  • Adventure.
  • Safety and security.
  • Preparing for retirement.

Use your top priorities in a Google search nationally or even internationally, if you’re up for a very new experience.

Explore these sites:

Where you want to work

Start with a general article about the best cities to work in to give you a sense of the type of information you are likely to find. Allison Doyle’s Best Cities to Work In is a good introduction:

When your priority is improving your professional position, your search is more specific because the best city for an RN is different from the best city for a CIO.

The best search to start with is the one outlined above: Best city for (fill in your job title).

Because you are likely to have concerns in addition to your profession, you will probably find the list of best locations above helpful when making your decision.

First, find the cities that appeal to you from a work perspective. Then, see if any of them are also on your Other Priorities list. Cross-reference until you find a good combination.


Once you’ve decided on where you will look for your next job, you can begin your search. If you are stuck at this stage, contact me right away. I can teach you job search techniques that give you a much better chance of getting in front of the competition and landing that job so you can get to your next fun place.


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