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Recruiters: How to find them; how to help them find you

If you want to find recruiters, you need to know where to look. If you want to be found by recruiters, you need to be visible.

If you want to find recruiters, you need to know where to look. If you want to be found by recruiters, you need to be visible.

Once you’ve decided it’s in your best interest to work with recruiters, you need to find them. Here’s how.

Ask professionals and executives you respect in your industry if they know a recruiter they recommend.

Check boards and forums hosted by professional or trade associations and college alumni associations.

Look at recruiter directories. Free ones include:

and fee-based services include:

Connect with recruiters on LinkedIn and other social media. To find recruiters on LinkedIn, click on advanced search at the top of your LinkedIn home page. In the Industry category, select human resources. Enter into the  keyword field the recruiter specialty you’re seeking (IT, for example), and then click the search button at bottom left.

Find Recruiter Associations such as:

Read news articles about executive search and executive hires in your industry. Sometimes, the recruiting firm is mentioned.


How to be found

Use LinkedIn. I mean actually participate, rather than throwing up a half-completed profile and expecting someone to stumble over it. Research how to write a profile that will get noticed, or hire me to write it for you. Connect with more people who are in the industry you’re targeting. Ask for introductions. Network. Write status updates and posts about issues relevant to your industry. If you want to be seen, be visible.

Use other social media including Twitter, Facebook, and even Pinterest or Instagram if it makes sense for your industry. Again, the idea is to be visible to the people you want to find you. Figure out where they hang out and be there.

Use apps including:

Go offline. Remember when social meant talking to people who were in the same room? It still does. Be available to your network. Join organizations and attend meetings. Volunteer for visible positions such as the registration table at a conference or Chamber of Commerce event.

If you’re having trouble finding recruiters, contact me today to talk about the distribution service that puts your resume in front of 2000+ recruiters. If you’re not attracting attention from the right people on LinkedIn, contact me to talk about creating or revising your profile.


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