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I Quit! Should I quit my job?

I hate this job

If you know you hate your job but not what to do about it, use Robyn Feldberg’s 14 factors to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of working where you do.

You’ve been trying to ignore the feelings and just keep going. The trouble is, it’s not working. You’re not happy in your job.

There are lots of reasons that might be true:

  • Unreasonable or unethical demands
  • Higher salary
  • Monster manager
  • Boredom
  • Burnout
  • Bullying or abuse
  • Lack of growth or advancement

The important thing is finding out what exactly is going on. Although you may have spent serious time being unhappy, you may not have determined the reasons.

Robyn Feldberg of Abundant Success Career Services suggests considering these 14 factors when deciding if a job change is in your best interest.

  1. Industry/Type of Business: Are you motivated and engaged at work or do you regularly feel bored? Do you find the type of business you’re in interesting and personally rewarding? Do you dread Monday mornings or look forward to them?
  2. Company/Organization: Do you feel that you work for a good company or that it falls short of acceptable? Do you agree with its policies? Does it treat employees fairly?
  3. Company Culture: How comfortably do you mesh with the company’s culture? How well do you get along with your coworkers? How in sync are the company’s atmosphere, size, and mission with your personality and style?
  4. Company Location: How do you feel about your commute to and from work? If the idea appeals to you, would your employer allow you the option of telecommuting?
  5. Hours/Schedule: What is your level of satisfaction with regard to the amount of hours you work and your schedule? Do you have any control over your hours/schedule?
  6. Department/Team: Do you think you’re working in the part of the company where you’ll feel most satisfied and valued? If not, is there opportunity to move to another department/team?
  7. Manager/Supervisor: How well do you work with your boss? Do you feel treated fairly, valued, and appreciated? Are there political/personality conflicts that are causing undue stress? Have you tried to resolve them? If not, what options are available to try to resolve them?
  8. Facilities/Support: How closely does your work environment match your ideal version of where you’d like to work? Does your employer provide you with the equipment and support necessary to perform your job effectively?
  9. Advancement: If you’re interested in advancement, does your current position offer room for additional training, responsibility, and promotion?
  10. Compensation: Do your salary and benefits fairly reflect of the value you bring to the company? How does your compensation plan compare to colleagues internally (in the same company) and externally (at other companies) doing the same job?
  11. Personal/Family: How well does your job complement your personal/family life? Is your work in line with your values and the things that are important to you? Is your job a good fit for your personality and a natural extension of how you perceive yourself and want others to perceive you?
  12. Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: Are you using the knowledge, skills, and abilities you want to use in your job and in a way that effectively meets your employer’s needs and allows you to feel successful and happy most of the time?
  13. Life Purpose/Goals: Is your job in alignment with your life’s purpose? How well does your job position you for achieving your long-range personal and professional goals?
  14. Security: How secure do you feel in your current position? Are there factors in your company, such as serious financial instability or the threat of a corporate merger, that suggest layoffs might be imminent or your job might be in jeopardy?

If you are considering a job or career change but can’t seem to move forward, contact me right away so that we can help you work through the decision. (Your family will thank you.)

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