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NumbersSometimes, it really is a numbers game. I don’t say that lightly because I don’t believe it about most parts of a job search. Sending your resume blindly to hundreds of companies is not an effective job search strategy. Researching and targeting specific companies and THEN sending an inquiry is a strategy that works.

When it comes to recruiters, however, it’s a different story.

Lots of job seekers believe if they just find the right recruiter, the magic will happen, and the recruiter will find them the right job. Easy peasy.

In 99.9% of cases, this is simply not true. Yes, we’ve all heard about Cousin Sally’s friend’s brother who got the first job he applied for through a recruiter.

The thing about recruiters is that they don’t work for you. You can’t hire a recruiter to go find you a job. If one says they will, run. It just doesn’t work that way.

Recruiters (or head hunters as they are also affectionately known) fill positions for companies. Internal recruiters are employees of that company. External recruiters are contracted by several companies. In either case, their job is not to find you a job. Their job is to find someone to fill the job opening at the company who pays them. If they do their job well, both you and your new employer will be thrilled.

So, rather than finding one recruiter who can work with only a limited number of companies at one time, why not improve your odds with many recruiters? How about more than 2,000 of them?

I can connect you with a service that will distribute your resume and a special cover letter we write to more than 2,000 recruiters.

Based on more than 35 years of experience in the career services field, they have developed strategies that can significantly increase your ability to secure new career opportunities no matter what industry or level you are in. Through extensive research and proprietary software development, they have amassed a list of more than 15,000 recruiters and hiring managers.

You see, the Internet changed a great many things about the hiring process. It used to be you’d find a recruiter in your town, and he or she would connect you with local companies who were hiring. Now, recruiters (and hiring managers, too)  search for you in your industry and by title, not just by geography. This means that a recruiter anywhere in the country could be working on filling a position in your area. The broad experience of this service has shown that a significant number of hires occur by tapping the nationwide market.

Best of all, you aren’t charged by the number of recruiters on your contact list. Your resume will be instantly accessible to recruiters across the country, improving your chances of being hired right in your own city through a coast-to-coast distribution.

We fill out a form that narrows the list to your industry and position preferences, and the typical resume distribution goes to more than 2,000 firms. Then, you receive a list with complete contact information for each recruiter who received your resume.

If this sounds like a process that could improve your job search, contact me or email me at Jeri@WorkwriteResumes.com today, and we can determine if this is the right path at the right time for you.


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