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Find a Company: How to discover companies to consider

Find the right company to work for BEFORE the interview.

Find the right company to work for BEFORE the interview.

You know what is important to you in your next employer. You have your list of questions to ask. You just need a list of companies to read about and ask about.

To that end, compile a list of possible target companies using the following methods. You don’t have to use all of these methods. Just try them until you have a list you’re satisfied with. Aim for a list of 10 or 12 companies that sound likely at first blush.

  • Make a list of companies you are familiar with that you might like to work for.
  • Google your target industry and position title. If you have already picked your target location, add that to your search criteria. (Medical device technical writing Minneapolis, for example) What companies come up? Add them to your list.
  • Find postings on Indeed.com of jobs that you would like. List the companies that posted the jobs.
  • Use Google maps to search the location you are targeting for the type of company you are targeting. List the companies you see on the map.
  • Ask trusted friends and colleagues if they know of companies that might be a good fit for you.
  • Think of colleagues you have enjoyed working with. What companies do they work for now?
  • Think of managers and executives you have enjoyed working for. What companies do they work for now?

If your job search has taken you to uncharted waters, contact me today to talk about how to get back on course.


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