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Emotional Job Search: How to keep your job hunt moving forward

Finding success with your job search often starts with changing your thinking.

Finding success with your job search often starts with changing your thinking.

You’re on the right track. You’ve conquered your fear of change so you’re able to move ahead with your career trajectory. You have built the confidence you need to begin your job search. You have gathered genuine support from others in your life. You’re good to go!

Then, nothing happens. Many job seekers who felt 110% ready to start their job search find their enthusiasm and resolve fade after that first blush of energy. When it takes more time than you had hoped to find and land your perfect position, how do you keep going?

The two biggest issues are what you think and what you do. They are often connected.


When I tell a client to remain optimistic, I don’t mean they are to be oblivious to obstacles or unrealistic about goals. We are always responsible for choosing attainable, appropriate goals. How we think about them and about ourselves is an all-important part of this equation because it affects how we feel.

If I believe that I will never get a job, not matter how hard I work, no matter what my skills, no matter how helpful my network, I am likely to miss opportunities and not do the work necessary to meet my goal.

So, if you find that landing your new job is taking longer than you hoped, ask yourself these questions:

  • How am I feeling?
  • Do I still believe I can reach my goal?
  • Am I listening to negative information?
  • Am I keeping my thoughts positive?
  • Do I need to adjust the way I am thinking?
  • If so, how would I do that?

Sometimes, a little inspiration makes it possible to move forward. These TED Talks are helpful for getting through difficult times.


The other part of success is what we do. I can feel happy, positive, and charmed every day of my life, but if I sit still during all of those days, I am not going to reach my goal.

Once you have your thoughts in line, it’s time to do what you need to do.

First, figure out what that is. Fire-fire-fire-aim is an active approach but it’s not very productive. Prepare what you need to prepare.

  • Determine your goal.
  • Get your resume and other career documents into top shape.
  • If it’s been awhile since your last job search, learn what has changed in the job seeking world. (Hint: Lots.)
  • If you are not confident of your interview or salary negotiation skills, get some coaching.
  • Do your job search work. Sometimes, job seekers spend so much time preparing that they never actually look for a job. They sit at home and polish their resume one more time, and then one more time again. That is not job hunting. That is procrastination.
  • If you have prepared and executed your job search and progress eludes you, find out why. A career coach can help with this. We are trained to spot problems in the job search process and documents, and we have a lot of tools to solve them.

If you’re having trouble deciding to pursue a new job or feel stuck in the process, contact me right away. We will figure out if I am the right person to help you through the issues.


Image courtesy Stuart Miles via freedigitalphotos.net.

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