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6 Ways to tell if you’re about to be hired

Wondering if this is the interview that will result in a new job? Here are some ways to find out.

I’m happy to share this week’s spotlight with my guest blogger Makeda Waterman. Makeda is an online media journalist with a passion for helping people succeed in life. She writes for The Huffington Post, Glassdoor.com and many others. For writing assignments, contact her through her company web site.


It can be difficult to tell if an HR specialist will hire you during and after an interview. Most recruiters act neutral during an interview, so the only part of the conversation you can control is how you present yourself and what you say while answering questions. To be successful, you need to do more than dress for success. The good news is, we’ve listed a few ways to help you discover if you are closer to landing the job you deserve.

1.You are invited on a tour

It is doubtful that a hiring manager will show you a tour of the work premises if they believe you are unqualified. You should take this time to ask questions and pay attention to essential details to bring up during the interview. Be courteous and smile as appropriate when you are in contact with employees. Remember that it is a part of the interview process, and you might be introduced to upper management on the tour.

2. You are asked challenging questions

In the first 5 minutes of the interview, a recruiter has the opportunity to learn about a candidate. Prepare for the most common interview questions, as well as tougher queries such as:

  • Describe your ideal work environment and manager.
  • In what type of work environment do you thrive best?
  • Tell me about a difficult situation with a colleague and how did you handled it?.
  • If I call your references, what will they say about you?

3. The interview is personal

An interview can become informal at any time, and if it does, it’s a good sign. If the HR specialist starts asking you about last night’s NBA game, speaks about their experience at the university you attended, or starts talking about their family, it is a perfect time to show your personality.

Remember to remain professional in your conversation and avoid everyday speech habits. The fact that the interviewer is forthcoming with you means there is something about you that they connect with, and it can help to get the job over other candidates.

4. You are introduced to the team

In the middle of an interview, the hiring manager asks you if you are comfortable with meeting the team. Gladly accept and relax. It is a chance for them to see if you are a good fit.

Be pleasant, ask questions during a group interview, and be open to each person who speaks to you. At the moment, it can feel nerve wracking with a group of people watching you as you talk, but it might be the team you will end up working with in the future. And remember, they are also nervous. If you can help put them at ease, you can use it as an opportunity to learn more about the company.

5. The interviewer’s body language

If you are in an interview for an hour, and the hiring manager has their arms crossed, it is a sign that the discussion is not going well. Studies show that people mirror the body language of the person they are speaking to, and you can set the tone from the beginning.

If you keep regular eye contact, appear confident, smile, keep your hands in one place and sit up straight, it will tell the hiring manager that you believe you deserve the job. As a result, they may be able to relax more, as well. Let your eyes smile with assurance, and it will work out for the best.

6. The recruiter provides helpful hints

In some cases, a hiring manager can sense your good character during the interviewer, and they decide to share useful information. There are times when they will tell you that you are one out of a few candidates that are shortlisted. Take it as a compliment. It is certainly good news, but you still must wait to be notified officially, before you know you really did land the job.

Thanks for your great observations and advice, Makeda! Job seekers, if you need assistance preparing for an interview, contact me today to discuss my 4-hour Interview Preparation Program that includes a mock interview. 


Image courtesy Ambro via freedigitalphotos.net

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